Automotive enthusiasts demand alloy wheels with something unique - attractive,
exciting shapes in conjunction with an unbeatable quality and safety standards.
Marco Muzzarelli was looking for a product with exactly these properties and
it was founded in 1991 with the idea to establish ANTERA: the creation of an exquisite collection
of aluminum wheels with uncompromising design and pioneering innovations. ANTERA
took over the then-established manufacturers and from then on the company suspended new standards
in alloy wheel design and production. With their extraordinary concepts and ideas
ANTERA has influenced the style of a decade and still remains the reference. The
ANTERA name derives from the latin ante era and means "the time
ahead ". The guiding principle of the company's philosophy - the pursuit of perfection - is still unchanged
valid and is reflected in all developments.

ANTERA first wheel justified the original Softline design language and marked a new era in the design of alloy wheels. The type of wheel 101 from the beginning was a success: the stimulus stock in the seamless, gentle manner in which the bed and the spokes integrate and form a harmony of form and function. With this reference wheel to ANTERA flouted conventional trends and went their own way, marked with a hitherto unprecedented level of design and quality. The type 101 followed by many other
dynamic designs with expressive lines, the distinctive style of the typical
Identity of the company brand. Over the years, many have received awards ANTERA wheels. For example, in 1994 received the 3-Speichenradtyp 109 entitled "Alloy Wheel Design of the Year".

At its launch, sparked a lot of excitement from the Type 109. The first truly harmonious
and balanced 3-spoke took the market by storm. The eye-catching appearance
made the Type 109 in all respects to a contemporary classic. In 1994, ANTERA
then be officially awarded "Alloy Wheel Design of the Year" for outstanding
Design. Today it is one of the most memorable wheel designs in history.
Another novelty was completely hidden under the hub cover, integrated
Air valve, the air which is led into the interior of the tire through a conduit in one of the spokes.
This undisturbed, harmonious surface of the rim was created. The wheel
was already in sizes up to 10 x 18 inches.



On august 17th 2011 the "gentleman driver" Fabio Montani established a new world record of 300,357 mph equals to 480,57 Km/h.


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