TYPE 365
Antera's top-of-the-range alloy wheel, almed at the hardcore high-performance market. A forged, large diameter rim for the most demanding sports and off-road applications.
type 365 type 365 type 365

8.5 x 20”

9.0 x 20”

11.0 x 20”

10.0 x 22”

Antera's engineers continue to push the performance envelope in rim design. The Type 365 meets the increasing demands placed by the additional grip avallable from the latest tire compounds.
Developed for maximum resillence and minimum weight, this one-piece rim weighs some 40% less than equivalent cast alloys.
The latest computer-aided engineering software helped optimize the cross-section of the spokes and rim.
The diamond-cut surface is polished to an immaculate mirror finish prior to applying a protective coat of acrylic paint.